About Us

CDI is a nonprofit organization that provides free academic and social services to 3,500 New York City public high school students and alumni.

CDI provides these services through a network of three partner schools: Manhattan Comprehensive Night & Day High School, The High School for Health Professions and Human Services and City-As-School High School. The CDI Network serves 3,500 students and alumni annually, giving it the ability to share efficiencies and create an unprecedented scale of opportunity for public school students and graduates.

Together we have developed a structure to provide intensive college and career preparedness to engage students while in high school and prepare them for post graduate success. Our programs are designed to increase college retention for college-bound students and create career-specific, supported options for those not going to college.

The Network is developing a variety of employer-supported career-specific pathways hosted on each school campus and available to students and graduates across the Network.  The pathways include career exploration and planning and experiential internships while students are still in high school and access to college or employer-shaped training and certificate programs after graduation.  Building on their connection to the students, CDI and the staff at each school provide bridging and support services for several years following graduation all with a sharp focus on making it possible for all of our graduates to attain life-sustaining work.



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