Our Model

Our ModelAs a nonprofit organization, CDI is able to provide funding, services and unprecedented opportunities to students- above and beyond what is possible with public school budgets.



Comprehensive Development, Inc. (CDI) is dedicated to removing the barriers that prevent disadvantaged students from graduating from high school and leading successful lives. We’ve developed a model based on the successful founding partnership with Manhattan Comprehensive Night & Day High School and a broad range of community partners that connect our students with transformative opportunities and resources.¬† We have now expanded this model to form a network of three schools: Manhattan Comprehensive Night & Day High School, The High School for Health Professions and Human Services and City-As-School. CDI services include college and career advisement, free tutoring, legal, medical, case management and post-graduation services.

Students often come to us with limited expectations, shaped by their backgrounds and neighborhoods. Located in the center of Manhattan, CDI opens young minds to new experiences and opportunities in a positive and aspirational environment. We encourage our students to imagine a rewarding future for themselves as thriving, productive adults who have passion and knowledge to contribute to the world.

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